Funding grants for a greener Suffolk

Latest environment news from the Haverhill Echo,, @haverhill on Twitter
Latest environment news from the Haverhill Echo,, @haverhill on Twitter

A new match funding scheme that encourages local businesses to invest in sustainable travel projects has been unveiled today.

In order to support local businesses to consider a more sustainable way of running their organisations and travelling across the county, Suffolk County Council is offering grants through a Travel Plan Grant Scheme. Businesses can apply for a grant from now with approvals being made on a monthly basis.

The applications should be made by the end of June 2014.

The grant scheme aims to provide local organisations with a 50% match funding towards the cost of setting up initiatives to support healthier and greener travel in the workplace.

Research shows that a change of as little as 1% to sustainable transport would have a long term positive effect on traffic congestion.

Previously only available to small and medium sized enterprises, the grant scheme has now been widened to include all businesses across Suffolk as a result of funding secured via the Department for Transport’s Local Transport Plan budget.

Grants of up to £1,000 will be awarded and businesses can apply for a grant for more than one project at a time within their organisation. To apply for a grant visit

Once an application form has been submitted, businesses will be invited to put together a plan outlining how their initiative will work. No initiative or idea is too small – previous grants have included the installation of showers, the provision of bike storage or remote working equipment.

Last year, 24 grants were awarded and allowed businesses to undertake a range of activities within the workplace including:

o the installation of showers for cyclists and runners

o creating secure storage for bicycles

o providing confidence training for employees wanting to start cycling

o improving access to workplaces for cycles & pedestrians

o purchasing pool bikes to cut down on short journeys during the day

Councillor Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for roads and transport, said:

“We welcome the chance to work with Suffolk businesses to help promote alternative ways to get to work, and provide their staff with the necessary facilities.”

“Whether businesses are looking to improve their environmental credentials, or encouraging a healthier, happier workforce or simply to save money on travel and transport costs, we would encourage them to enter a bid for match funding.

This is a real opportunity for businesses to get some financial assistance towards improving their facilities for their staff; whilst at the same time promoting a healthier lifestyle and helping reduce rush-hour congestion in our town centres.