Gang blamed for car vandalism in Haverhill

The damaged windscreen of Ray Beechill's Range Rover ANL-160601-123503001
The damaged windscreen of Ray Beechill's Range Rover ANL-160601-123503001

A disabled man has said a Haverhill housing estate has become ‘like Beirut’ after seeing his car vandalised for the second time in four weeks.

In early December, the windscreen, two side windows and a quarter light on Ray Beechill’s Range Rover were broken on a late evening while it was parked in a layby in Gloucester Road, on the Clements estate.

At about 6.15pm last Friday (Jan 1), the 71-year-old’s car was vandalised again, with five dents made in the windscreen by large pebbles.

Mr Beechill’s who has one false knee and another that is in a bad condition, lives with his disabled wife Joan in Belmont Court. He believes there is a group of youths responsible for damaging his car and a Smart Car that was set alight on Sunday, January 3.

He said: “There seems to be a gang of ten to 14-year-olds going around damaging cars.

“One of the ring leaders seems to be a girl of about 14. She just looked at me and gave me a dirty look and I got a mouth full of foul language from one of them.

“It’s getting like Beirut here. I’ve lived here for 36 years, we could have a bungalow but we don’t want a bungalow. We’ve got neighbours who have been here longer than us and we’ve been here a number of years and why should we want to go and live somewhere where we don’t know anybody.”