Hancock’s half marathon

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By Matthew Hancock, MP for West Suffolk

Having vowed last week to seriously get my head down and do some proper training for the Haverhalf, I decided to take a visit to Real Bodies Health and Fitness in Haverhill on Friday. Jack Tappin had put me in touch with a personal trainer - Luke Barker - to fix up a training programme for my run.

I was excited to get stuck in – half an hour with Luke didn’t seem so daunting after-all. But I was wrong about that; 30 minutes can seem like forever when you are put through your paces by a fitness instructor without a break.

I warmed up and down using the treadmill and in-between did mat work dictated by Luke.

I worked on my core strength using different varieties of the plank, instantly regretting every one of those stodgy dinners I’d eaten that week. The plank certainly looks a lot easier than it actually is!

Luke then took me through various leg exercises and weight work to engage all the muscles I’d be using for the Haverhalf.

Despite the pain I endured during my training, I was genuinely inspired to get fit for the race. I decided to take to the streets of Haverhill myself and continue my training alone on Saturday morning. I really don’t think there can be a more beautiful place to run than Suffolk in the morning sunshine.

Watching the inspiring London marathon on Sunday I realised I still have a long way to go before May 11th.

But, thanks to Luke and his team, I feel I have made some fairly good progress and I am already very excited for the race itself.

Real Bodies were brilliant and really pushed me to improve my fitness engaging muscles I’m not entirely sure I knew I had.

The weekend has definitely exhausted me, but I suppose that’s the least I deserve for leaving everything to the last minute.