Havebury tenants get career boost

Karen Mayhew, chief executive of Havebury
Karen Mayhew, chief executive of Havebury

Havebury tenants will have their chances of employment, apprenticeships or work placements boosted by a partnership with West Suffolk College (WSC).

Following years of collaboration, a formal agreement has recently been signed which will benefit those living in Havebury Housing Partnership’s 6,000 homes.

Tenants working with Havebury’s learning and employment team can discuss the path they want to take regarding employment and depending on the outcome, be referred directly to WSC for the relevant occupational or vocational course.

In the last year, Havebury has been able to help 24 of its tenants gain employment, two people with apprenticeships and 11 with work placements and it is hoped that this partnership will only increase this figure.

Earlier this year, Havebury joined up with WSC to provide a group of families with the opportunity to learn leadership skills, team work and confidence building through group activities.

WSC and Havebury are also keen to increase the number of apprenticeships and placements for tenants and students by working with the local business community.

Karen Mayhew, chief executive of Havebury, said: “Havebury is more than just a landlord.

“We believe that helping our tenants to increase their skills means they have a much better chance of competing in the jobs market.

“This partnership means that together we can better prepare candidates for apprenticeships and other jobs.

“We hope that this business model will encourage more organisations to offer work placements and we’d be delighted to hear from anyone who is interested in offering opportunities for local people.”

Nikos Savvas, principal and CEO of WSC, said: “Havebury already provide advice for their tenants on a range of matters including gaining employment and training to enter employment and we are delighted that the college will be able to facilitate this further.

“We will work closely with the Havebury team to ensure they are fully briefed on all the opportunities available and their tenants’ needs are met.

“This business model offers a fantastic opportunity for both organisations dedicated to supporting and serving this community.”

Anyone living in a Havebury property who would like more information or advice can visit www.havebury.com or call 0300 3300 900.

Havebury, which has offices in Haverhill and Bury St Edmunds, is a charity and not-for-profit association.

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