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Haverhill boy gets life changing eye test

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A Haverhill mother has urged others who have children struggling with their reading to take advantage of free tests, which could help.

When Caroline Elsden heard her 10-year-old son Aidan read fluently for the first time it was such an emotional moment it brought her to tears.

Aidan, who attends the Coupals Primary Academy in Haverhill, had struggled with his reading since an early age. As a result of his reading difficulties Aidan had fallen behind in his learning. After tests had ruled out dyslexia Aidan’s mother was told about colorimetry; a special assessment for the symptoms of visual stress. The process begins with colour overlay assessment, which indicates whether or not a child would benefit from tinted coloured glasses.

Mrs Elsden booked an appointment for Aidan at Wardale Williams the Opticians in Camps Road, which offer colour overlay assessments free of charge. During the assessment the improvement in Aidan’s reading was almost instant.

“It was so emotional, I had never heard Aidan read so fluently and I just burst into tears. It is such a relief to finally know why Aidan was struggling with his reading and I am so glad we found out about colorimetry. This could be life changing for Aidan and he seems much more confident, said Mrs Elsden.

“The words make more sense to me,” said Aidan. “I enjoy reading now. My favourite books at the moment are The Gruffalo and Horrid Henry.”

Senior Optometrist Joanna Williams, who carried out the assessment of Aidan, said: “Some children struggle to read at expected levels as they experience peculiar visual symptoms when looking at a printed page. We would urge any parent whose child is suffering with their reading to consider colorimetry.”

Aidan has now been prescribed with tinted spectacles.

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