Haverhill car is vandalised twice

A car with a damaged wing mirror
A car with a damaged wing mirror

A car in Duddery Road, Haverhill, was twice targeted by vandals within a week.

The first crime happened overnight between February 17 and 18, whereby a wing mirror of a black Ford Puma was knocked off its housing and left hanging by the wires.

The wing mirror in question was facing the footpath and so therefore would appear to have deliberately damaged.

The victim was able to repair the mirror after, fixing it back into its housing.

A week later, overnight between February 24 and 25 February, the car was parked in the same position, with the wing mirror again facing the path, when it was found the next morning to have been completely knocked-off and left lying on the ground.

Anyone with information can call Pc Robert Bunton at Haverhill Police Station on 101, quoting reference number HH/14/377, or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.

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