Haverhill crime falls – but drug crime and shoplifting on the rise

Inspector Peter Ferrie
Inspector Peter Ferrie

Total crime in Haverhill is falling, though drug crime, shoplifting and burglaries are all on the rise.

Addressing Haverhill Town Council at Tuesday’s (February 18) meeting at the arts centre, Inspector Peter Ferrie revealed the latest crime statistics from April 1 to present compared to a three year average.

Total recorded crime has fallen from 1,696 to 1,403.

Violence against the person is down from 318 to 302, while sex crimes have dropped from 29 to 24.

Rape has also fallen, from 11 to six – though there have been no ‘stranger rapes’.

Acquisitive crime (such as theft) fell from 729 to 589, and other burglary (such as from offices and outbuildings) from 122 to 86.

Vehicle crime plummeted from 179 to 107, and criminal damage and arson almost halved from 451 to 279.

Anti social behaviour shot down from 1,321 to 899.

Domestic burglary rose from 55 to 66 and shoplifting from 131 to 160.

Drug crimes almost doubled from 55 to 91, though Insp Ferrie attributes this to pro-active policing and better detection.

The force’s detection rate is 40 per cent, much higher than the national average.

Insp Ferrie said he believes the shoplifting spike to be due to drugs, and that addicts may be moving away from car crime and burglary to instead become shoplifters to fund their habit.

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