Haverhill Echo; 25 years ago

ECHO: February 25, 1988

town council

A report by the Local Government Boundary Commission added weight to calls for Haverhill to have its own town council.

The report was prepared after a public meeting was held in Haverhill in October, and assistant commissioner Reginald Morgan, who chaired the meeting, came down in favour of the formation of a 16-member town council.

A six-week period for further comment was to be held before the commission made a final recommendation to the Department of the Environment.


The results of a public consultation exercise over the introduction of a bypass for Haverhill and two other major road schemes showed strong support for all three proposals.

Suffolk County Council received a full report on the consultation, which showed public feeling went in favour of having a bypass.

Support was also strong for pedestrianisation of the town centre and improvement to the Cangle junction.

According to the report to the county council, a total of 1,835 completed questionnaires had ‘demonstrated extensive local support for three schemes put forward.’