Haverhill Echo 25 years ago

Echo, December 29, 1988


An identity card scheme for young Haverhill adults was set to be launched.

The scheme was set up to try and stamp out under-age drinking and the misbehaviour and vandalism associated with it.

Anyone aged 18 would be able to get a yellow card to prove their age and entitle them to buy drinks in pubs and clubs in Haverhill.

The idea received the backing of publicans, police and a local brewery and was set to come into effect in early January.


Two couples who got married on the same day at the same time celebrated their golden wedding at a joint party - but it was just one of the coincidences they shared.

Fred and Dora Bird, from Bartlow were married at 2.30pm at Bartlow Church on Boxing Day, 1938, the same time and day on which Bert and Mary Radburn, of Wixoe, were getting wed at All Saints Church, Hundon.

To cap the link between the two, Bert and Mary’s daughter Linda was also married to Fred and Dora’s son, Terry.

The two families had an anniversary party at Haverhill Rovers.