Haverhill Echo 25 years ago


Echo, March 16, 1989


Two Haverhill women told of their horror at having to witness a fox being torn to bits by Thurlow hounds beside the road to Castle Camps.

Christine Fitch and Rosalind Coleman said the road was blocked with cars and horses and they were forced to watch as four men released a fox from a ditch before it ran into pack of hounds, which pounced for the kill.

Major Patrick Bell, secretary of the Puckeridge and Thurlow Hunt, disputed their version of events however and said he would contact Mrs Fitch about the incident.


Major plans to restructure the Welding Institute in Abington, which would result in the loss of 50 jobs, were set to be discussed with the Institute’s council.

The Institute intended to concentrate more on their principal business of research and development and to transfer some of their other activities to outside ownership.

It was hoped that the cuts would be achieved by voluntary early retirement and redundancy.