Haverhill Echo 25 years ago

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Your News EMN-140228-120734001

Echo, March 30, 1989


Haverhill’s newly-elected town council was preparing to hold its first ever meeting, where it would elect a chairman and decide on how it would operate in running local affairs.

The 16-member council would be guided by Nick Martin, from the borough secretary’s office, who would point out various options open to them on how they arrange their committees and standing orders.

Councillors would also be deciding whether to call it a parish or a town council, elect a vice chaimran and discuss appointing a town clerk


Residents on the Boyton Hall estate in Haverhill were up in arms about the lack of playing facilities for their children.

They wanted to know what the borough council was doing with their rates of more than £800 a year and expressed discontent with what they were getting in return.

St Edmundsbury Council’s parks manager, Peter Tunnah, said play areas were not specified on the plans when the estate was built and that residents had to make their own representations to the council on the issue.