Haverhill Echo 25 years ago

Echo, July 20, 1989


Two residents of Risbridge Hospital in Kedington were looking forward to their impending wedding.

Diane Bailey and Francis Pattle, who both had learning difficulties, were getting married at Kedington Parish Church having met at the hospital.

Their romance grew over two years and was described by hospital staff as a real success story.

The couple would be living independently after the wedding at a house in Kedington.


At a heated meeting in Haverhill many local traders called for a trial period of pedestrianisation in the town centre to be scrapped until rear servicing and more car parks have been provided.

Haverhill Chamber of Commerce chairman, Iain Ross, said a number of businesses in the town centre were suffering, with one’s takings over the previous three weeks having dropped by 31 per cent.

St Edmundsbury Borough Council was also asked what was going to be done about the traders who had received ‘a hammering’ due to the ban.