Haverhill Echo 25 years ago

Echo, August 10, 1989


Prompt action by a butler scared off a burglar and saved more than £20,000 worth of family silver.

The burglar tripped as he fled from the Little Thurlow Hall home of millionaire businessman Edmund Vestey and dropped most of his haul.

Butler Adrian Pardey was in his home on the estate when an alarm went off at about 10.15pm and rushed out to see what had happened.

He arrived at the hall and switched on the lights as the burglar climbed out of a window with a holdall full of loot, but as he ran off he tripped over a sunken fence and dropped much of the silver before getting away in a car.


A Haverhill man had a lucky escape on Saturday evening when he accidentally set light to his fish and chip van which contained several gas bottles.

Paul Wright, of Argyll Court, was taken to hospital with burns to his hands after his chip pan caught alight.

He got out of the van, but the bottles did explode, sending six foot flames out of the side of the van, which was completely gutted.

Fortunately, nobody else was hurt in the explosion.