Haverhill Echo ten years ago


Echo, April 1, 2004


A major threat which would have deprived Haverhill of vital affordable housing sites was lifted thanks to a cash injection of £8m.

St Edmundsbury Council had lost its Local Authority Social Housing Grant the previous year and fears were growing that important sites for new development in the borough were going to be lost to affordable housing.

However, housing associations in the borough were told they would receive £8.5m from the Housing Corporation over a two year period which would see the creation of 205 new affordable homes.


Three HRA (Haverhill Representative Alliance) councillors who had threatened to resign if the transfer of Haverhill Arts Centre went ahead made a u-turn.

Their move followed a majority vote by the town council to take over trusteeship of the centre from St Edmundsbury Council.

Cllrs Mabon Dane, Chris Cullum and Mick Graham were just only four councillors to vote against the move, but decided not to resign.