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Haverhill mum thanks community for helping her pet

By Sammi Nice

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No Caption ABCDE ANL-150528-121520001

A Haverhill woman has spoken of her gratitude after the community rallied round to save money for her dog’s medical treatment after he was hit by a car.

Lorraine Spillane, 32, of Billings Close, has received donations from the public after her one year old cocker spaniel, Jenson, was hit by a car in April.

Jenson suffered a smashed urethra and had ruptured blood vessels. His heart also ruptured during surgery and vets feared they would not ne able to save him.

“He’s still undergoing treatment,” said Lorraine. “But he is recovering all the time.

“We’d been down the park when it happened. He decided to run across a road. A car was coming a little too fast along the road and it went over him.”

Lorraine’s two children, Jack, 6, and Sophie, 3, were initially devastated by the accident.

“Jack was traumatised,” said Lorraine. “He wouldn’t go near roads or cars. He can talk about it now though.

“It was really difficult for them. They adore that dog, especially Sophie.”

Unfortunately, the array of treatments needed to get Jenson back on his feet was too much for the family’s insurance and they had to appeal for help.

She set up a page on fund raising site, Go Fund Me.

“I wish I’d set it up sooner,” said Lorraine. “Normally, I’m not very comfortable with this kind of thing, but we’ve been amazed by the reaction.

“We’re so grateful for the help we have received.”

Lorraine also intends to do a skydive to raise money for the Animal Health Trust which helped with Jenson’s treatment. She is hoping to do the jump in September.

Anyone wanting to contribute towards Jenson’s treatment can visit the Go Fund Me site at http://www.gofundme.com/vm3c5g?fb_action_ids=10153891707938032&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_ref=m_d_ty

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