Haverhill owner of pilfered puppies laments people’s dishonesty

Vickie Joskow with Brian, her ten month old Patterdale terrier
Vickie Joskow with Brian, her ten month old Patterdale terrier

The owner of two puppies that went missing from their home has lamented the honesty of whoever found them after it transpired they had been found but sold on for a quick profit.

Vickie Joskow’s two ten month old Patterdale terrier puppies, Brian and Bree, dug their way under the garden fence at her home in Burton End, Haverhill, last Monday (May 28), leaving not just her upset but also their parents, Bandit and Belle.

On Thursday Vickie contacted the Echo to ask for some publicity about the missing puppies, which she has had since the day they were born.

We published a story with a photo of the dogs on our website that day. Within hours Vickie, who works for the Community Heartbeat Trust, received a phone call from a woman who said she had seen the online story and thought she was in possession of Brian.

It turns out that she had bought Brian for £50 from a man in the children’s play area behind Vickie’s house just 24 hours after they had gone missing.

Vickie said the man told the woman the dog was his but he was unable to care for it any more.

At the time the woman bought Brian, the seller only had the one dog, therefore he must have already sold the other. Both dogs are microchipped but have no collars.

Vickie said: “This lady paid £50 for Brian but she said straight away ‘I will bring him back now’ and she brought him back within 20 minutes.

“It’s heartbreaking because they know they must have been somebody’s pets. They look like they’ve been looked after. They’ve not been neglected.

“If you found a skinny dog you might think they are a stray.

“This lady has got seven cats and she just said ‘if one of them goes missing overnight I’m worried sick’, which is why she picked up the phone straight away.

“She bought him for her mum so she would get out and take it for walks to just brighten up her life, so her mum has been cheated as well.”

Although ‘overwhelmed’ by the woman’s thoughtfulness in returning Brian, Vickie is still desperate to find Bree.

On Saturday she distributed leaflets all around town in the hope of tracking her down.

She soon received a phone call from a man who said he had seen an entry on Facebook in which someone had tagged a friend and said ‘are these the two dogs you found.’

Soon after being alerted to the clue about Bree’s whereabouts the Facebook entry was removed.

Vickie, who has gone on Facebook and asked whoever posted the comment to contact her, went on to say: “The friend had tagged the woman who found them and she took it off. Why has she taken it off if it wasn’t dishonest.

“The woman who posted the comment knows who found the dogs because she saw the picture of them and said ‘are these the two you found’ so she knows her friend found the dogs. That makes her dishonest too.”

Vickie suffered poor health last year and added: “The thing that got me through the winter was the dogs. They are my lifeline. That’s why I am so desperate at having lost them.

“The family is not complete without Bree and that’s what keeps me going.”

Jaybeth animal sanctuary owner Carol Harris has offered whoever has the dog the chance to drop it off there, with no questions asked, although Vickie has informed the police of the incident.

If you can help recover Bree, call Vickie on 07986326607.