Haverhill pays respects on Armed Forces Day today

Armed Forces Day observance in Haverhill on the Jubilee Plaza. ENGANL00120130624154933
Armed Forces Day observance in Haverhill on the Jubilee Plaza. ENGANL00120130624154933

Haverhill ex-servicemen and women, together with the town’s mayor and town councillors will gather othis afternoon (23) to observe Armed Forces Day.

An open-air service will take place at Jubilee Plaza after which the Armed Forces Day flag will be raised there to fly until Saturday.

Rod Swaby from the Haverhill branch of the 56-member strong Royal British Legion, based at the Ex-Servicemen’s Club in Quaker’s Lane, said it was the 3rd year the event has taken place in the town.

He said: “It was started five or six years ago, nationally, and this is the third year it has been held in Haverhill.

“As well as the Legion, we hope to have representatives from the Royal Naval Association and the Ex-Serviceman’s Club. There should be about four or five standards raised.”

He said the Legion would like to see the flagpole at the Jubilee Plaza relocated to Market Square for the future. “We think it needs to be in a more central location in the town centre so events like this can be seen by more people.”

And he said plans by the Legion are already underway for a commemorative service to be held for the 100th anniversary of World War One, which will take place in St. Mary’s Church in Haverhill on Sunday, August 10 attended by Haverhill mayor Roger André.

Mr Swaby added: “We are still working out the details but it will be a respectful commemorative service.”

Taking part in the Haverhill today– which starts at 2.20pm – will be St Edmundsbury mayor, councillor Robert Everitt.

Mr André will also take part in the Bury St Edmunds Armed Forces Day service today at 10.15am after which there will be a short service by the mayor’s chaplain the Rev Canon Matthew Vernon, followed by the Last Post and Reveille.