Haverhill printing firm strikes eco gold

Gary and Ann Aken at Specialized Print
Gary and Ann Aken at Specialized Print

Haverhill company Specialized Print is celebrating being awarded re-accreditation to the Carbon Charter, at Gold Level.

The Carbon Charter is awarded to companies that are monitoring and reducing their carbon emissions and is intended to provide public recognition of this vital step to our shared goal of Creating the Greenest County.

The Gold Charter is only awarded to companies that, in addition to having achieved significant reductions in their carbon emissions, are also using their position to influence their communities.

The panel felt that Specialized Print hit all of the required targets in order to meet the Gold level of accreditation.

Ann Aken, company director, said: “The panel admired our active role in promoting the benefits of the green approach to other businesses, both within our own supply chain and in the wider business community.

“The panel were also impressed with the strong evidence of actions taken to reduce resource and energy consumption, sustained over the long-term.

“They stated ‘responsible use of resources is clearly an intrinsic part of the way Specialized Print does business and this has directly translated into financial benefits to their operating model.

“The panel noted also our strong approach to community engagement, reflecting your understanding of the importance of the social aspects of a sustainable approach.”

For more information visit www.greensuffolk.org/charter

Our Top Tip’s to be environmentally friendly are:

Conserve energy – reduce energy consumption by switching off the lights, turning down radiator thermostats and closing windows if the heating is on.

Don’t overheat your home/office. Install a thermostat to maintain a temperature of 16°C in bedrooms and 19°C in other rooms. Lowering the temperature by just 1°C could save you 7% on your electricity bill.

Replace ordinary light bulbs with high-efficiency ones. They may be more expensive initially but last 12 times longer and use 5 times less electricity.

Switch off appliances when not in use

Buy energy-efficient appliances.

Get Insulated - Insulate your home/office walls & loft.

Give the car a break– Use your legs - the most ecological form of transport - for short distances. Walking & cycling is good for your health and for the planet!

Shop locally – buy local produce, they give you a flavour of the area and help support local communities

Reduce, reuse, recycle – try to avoid over packaged foods and say no to that extra carrier bag, try and recycle any waste you have

Be wise – use water wisely by turning off taps when brushing teeth and save 10,000 litres of water a year! Have a shower instead of a bath.