Haverhill pupils question speeding motorists

PCSO Sophie Mitchell and PCSP Mark Isaac with pupils from Westfield Primary Academy ANL-140630-154724005
PCSO Sophie Mitchell and PCSP Mark Isaac with pupils from Westfield Primary Academy ANL-140630-154724005

Speeding motorists were left explaining their actions to school children after being pulled over by police in Haverhill.

Officers from Haverhill were joined by year six pupils from Westfield Primary Academy for the Schools Speed Check.

Six cars were stopped for speeding and five of the drivers were given the option to speak with the children, be issued three points or be sent on a drivers’ awareness course.

The sixth car that was stopped had no insurance and police dealt with the offence.

Unsurprisingly all five motorists chose to speak with the children and had to answer tough questions such as ‘what would you have done if you had hit me’ and ‘why are you speeding and putting our lives at risk’.

PCSO Mark Isaac, together with fellow PCSOs Trish Sinclair and Sophie Mitchell and PC Will Wright were with the children.

The children also designed road safety posters to distribute and the Safer Neighbourhood Team are looking into funding to get these made into road signs.

PCSO Isaac said: “This event is the second one I have organised of this nature.

“It was just as much of a success as the last and it’s great to work alongside the young children again.

“The speeding motorists that were caught were given a very hard time being questioned by the children.

“The message delivered by the children is arguably better, with a more lasting impact than issuing points.

“All the officers involved saw that speaking with the children really had a significant effect on the drivers.”

They now hope to take this operation into the Rural areas and target areas that have speeding issues.

PCSO Isaac went on to say: “All the drivers that spoke to the children approved of the initiative.

“With comments like ‘It’s a brilliant idea’ and ‘this experience will stick with me for a very long time’ it was clear a valuable lesson had been learnt.

“This was even more obvious when one of the drivers who after speaking with the children got back into their car.

“She needed to take a moment to compose herself before continuing her journey.

“Having kids herself this hard hitting message she received made her reflect on her actions and was quite upset over the whole ordeal.”