Haverhill town clerk Will Austin resigns after three years

Haverhill town clerk Will Austin (right) has resigned from the role he took over from Gordon Mussett in April 2011
Haverhill town clerk Will Austin (right) has resigned from the role he took over from Gordon Mussett in April 2011

Haverhill town clerk Will Austin has stepped down from his role, attributing the departure to ‘personal reasons’.

Mr Austin started as town clerk in April 2011, taking over from Gordon Mussett following a bedding in period where both men were in the role for several months.

Haverhill mayor Roger Andr�

Haverhill mayor Roger Andr�

“I would like to place on record my sincerest thanks to council staff and town councillors, who have made this such an enjoyable and satisfying role for me,” he said after resigning from the role on Tuesday (21).

“Particular thanks go to the town mayor Roger André and Cllr Maureen Byrne, deputy mayor and chair of the council’s personnel committee, who have been hugely supportive during my time in Haverhill.

“It is with great regret that I am leaving having developed a very strong affinity with a town that I am proud to have called home.”

Mr Austin leaves his post in March, and arrangements for the recruitment of a replacement are already under way.

Haverhill mayor Roger André described Will’s departure as a ‘great loss’, and said he will miss the clerk.

“The resignation of Will Austin will be a great loss to the town.

“Will joined us with a wealth of local government experience and quickly adapted to his role.

“He has become a prominent force in the local community and has robustly defended the interests of our community.

“He proved to be professional, courteous and approachable and committed himself to the town council without reservation.

“His efforts on the Neighbourhood Community Budget, and his detailed work on other community issues, reveal his thorough and sensitive approach to mammoth challenges.

“I shall miss Will as a dedicated, valued clerk to the town council and as a staunch adviser and friend during challenging times.

“Our town and community will be poorer for his departure but has been hugely enriched by his service with us.

“The town council will agree a timetable for recruiting our next town clerk and will consider arrangements for substitution during the intervening period.”

Mr Austin’s tenure has seen the town have to cope with numerous budget cuts and become a part of pilot group ONE Haverhill, oppose the closure of Place Court care home, support pedestrianisation, hold the inaugural Summer Bash and instigate talks to run the former magistrates’ court as a youth hub.

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