Haverhill Town Council to celebrate 25 years

Former Haverhill mayor Pat Hanlon, mayor Roger Andr� and his deputy Maureen Byrne
Former Haverhill mayor Pat Hanlon, mayor Roger Andr� and his deputy Maureen Byrne

A special commemorative stamp is among the suggestions for how Haverhill Town Council should celebrate its 25th anniversary this year.

The council celebrates the quarter-century landmark on April 1 and is looking to celebrate the anniversary.

Outgoing town clerk Will Austin, addressing the leisure and community committee at Tuesday’s (January 21) meeting at the arts centre, said: “At the time the reasons for having the council was that there wasn’t enough to do in Haverhill, so one focus was community activities and events as a priority, and the other was that the town didn’t have sufficient voice with decision makers elsewhere.

“At the moment the emphasis hasn’t changed significantly as what we do is largely providing activities and events for the community.

“I think it’s appropriate to celebrate and commemorate the anniversary though we probably shouldn’t be going overboard.”

Leisure manager Nick Keeble said he had spoken Gerry Kiernan, who was instrumental in forming the council in 1979 and was the town’s first mayor.

He has also been collating data about what the council has provided, including 19 fireworks displays and 18 Halloween trails.

“One low cost thing we could do would be to create a special stamp for the event, perhaps a version of the town council logo with ‘25’ behind.”

Mr Austin also suggested that former mayors and clerks could be invited back for a celebration.

“Is it the time to look at the objectives over the last 25 years and consider if that’s the direction to keep going in the future , or do we want to refresh our vision for the town council?”, he added.

Cllr Ernie Goody suggested a book could be made outlining what the council has done over the years and who has been involved, though it was questioned whether anyone would buy such a book.

Cllr Clive Turner said they needed to ‘be careful’ to avoid being associated with ‘25 years of failing to meet our objective’ with regard to getting Haverhill a better voice at borough and county level, though committee chairman and deputy mayor Maureen Byrne disputed his suggestion.

Cllr Turner also suggested having ‘25’ behind ONE Haverhill’s CB9 brooch, and Cllr Betty McLatchy said the council should be praised for coping and expanding during a time that the town’s population has ‘more than doubled’.

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