How to stop burglars ruining your holoiday: Cambridge Police warning

Two teenagers were approached by a man in a car who asked them to get in
Two teenagers were approached by a man in a car who asked them to get in

HOLIDAYMAKERS are being targeted as part of Cambridgeshire Constabulary’s burglary campaign starting next week.

At this time of year it is those away for a period of time on holiday that are often targeted by burglars looking for easy pickings.

Over the next three weeks, the campaign will be focusing on various aspects of holiday-related burglary including:

Online home security tool - residents will be able to ‘visit’ a typical semi-detached home and identify which areas need to be reviewed for suitable security. They will also be able to assess the security of their own home to identify areas where security could be improved

Did you know holiday quiz - people’s knowledge will be tested with a series of holiday-related questions via @CambsCops Twitter to see how much they understand about the consequences of being burgled while away on holiday

‘Day in the life of’ police burglary teams - the police’s @CambsCops Twitter will be posting live updates .

Diana Waterer, Communications Officer said: “Just cancelling the milk and newspapers or getting a friend or neighbour to cut the lawn or push mail through the letter box can make a big difference.”

Follow @CambsCops to be involved with the campaign or visit for more advice on protecting a home from burglars.