Hundon coming up for Newmarket Ramblers

Newmarket Ramblers
Newmarket Ramblers

This Sunday (17) Newmarket Ramblers have another of their ‘Not the A14!’ walks, this time ten miles starting from Lolworth, not far from Bar Hill, at 10am and visiting four other Cambridgeshire villages.

Also available on Sunday morning, for those preferring a shorter walk, is one of about five miles from Longacre Green, off the Woodditton to Kirtling Road, heading towards Great Bradley, also with a 10am start.

Further information on these two walks can be obtained from the leaders, Richard and Eileen on 01284 755744, and Chris on 01638 508263, respectively.

On Wednesday, August 20 the morning walk departs from Hundon Village Hall and will head for Chipley Priory. Contact the leader, Phil, on 01638 751289 for details.