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Illegal rave raided in Stambourne

Police and participants in the illegal rave at Stambourne
Police and participants in the illegal rave at Stambourne

Essex Police broke up an illegal rave in Stambourne, just six miles from Haverhill, as day broke on Sunday.

Officers were contacted shortly after 6.10am with reports of a rave in a wooded area in Cornish Hall End Road.

The event was not licenced and was being held illegally at a disused farm.

Officers attended and found between about 60 and 80 people, who were asked to leave.

They did so peacefully and no arrests were made.

Police remained on scene to monitor the situation until the site was cleared by about 1pm.

Officers liaised with the landowner and partners including the district council.

Superintendent Nick Morris said: “Essex Police will not tolerate illegal events of this kind.

“This is a public safety issue, which has a significant impact upon the local community.

“It is important to remember these events are not regulated in relation to health and safety measures and that the environment is not necessarily a safe one.

“We are grateful to the local residents who told us what was going on and would urge other people to do the same if they hear of similar events being planned.”

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