Lee Hurst in Cambridge

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LEE HURST, former star of the BBC’s They Think It’s All Over, will cast his comedy eyes over the many end-of-the-world scare stories from acid rain and global warming to bird flu and mad cow disease.

He will muse over the dangers that face us in our daily lives. Lee believes you have a choice: stay indoors clutching a Ray

Mears book, or go out and laugh in the face of doom.

The tour entitled, Too Scared To Leave The House, aims to tackle the things that frighten us.

“It could be about literally anything from global disasters to spiders to fear of dying or relationships: anything you can think of that bothers you,” Lee says.

Lee has taken time out during his 40s to run his Backyard Comedy Club in the East End of London, but with his 50th birthday around the corner, he can’t wait to get back on the road and connect with his UK audience again.

He follows his contemporaries Jack Dee and Alan Davies, who have recently gone back on the road.

But once the tour is over Lee will convert his comedy club site into a seven storey hotel with the club and bar,

You can catch Lee Hurst at The Junction, Cambridge on Jan 25 and Colchester Arts Centre on April 13.