Matthew Hancock MP is getting ready for HaverHalf

Matthew Hancock MP ready for the sumo run in Haverhill in 2011
Matthew Hancock MP ready for the sumo run in Haverhill in 2011

When Jack Tappin and I first started to talk about the HaverHalf marathon over a year ago, I had just won a horse race and felt as fit as a fiddle.

I signed up both energetically and enthusiastically.

Matthew Hancock running Thurlow 10 in 2011

Matthew Hancock running Thurlow 10 in 2011

A year of dashing around West Suffolk, of late nights working on correspondence and stodgy House of Commons dinners, and I’m not feeling quite as spritely.

I get the chance to run at the weekend - and during the week have a short but painful fifteen minute workout.

But there’s no doubt that my biggest challenge will be completing, and of course starting off the earlier 10k race, with no mishaps.

If it wasn’t for the brilliant St Nicholas hospice that I am running the Haverhalf for, I may have lost heart.

But being such an important cause that helps so many Suffolk families I have decided to get my act together and actually do some proper training.

Although I’ve run for the hospice before – dressed as a sumo wrestler – I feel the 11th May could prove slightly more difficult and I won’t get away with a lack of fitness so easily.

There’s certainly no fat suit to blame this time.

This is the first ever Haverhalf marathon, and I hope it’s a great event for the local community and the first of many.

Now, maybe I should put those running shoes on again...

– You can enter HaverHalf and Haver10 online at or pick up an entry form from the arts centre.

For more information or to volunteer as a marshal e-mail

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