Meal suggestions for Valentine’s dinner

Thirty per cent of women would most like to serve up steak as a Valentine’s Day meal, perhaps in a bid to boost their partner’s energy level and rev up the romance on the official day of love.

But before you fry up your fillet steak you should know that if you want to increase stamina and maintain energy levels, you should actually serve slow release carbohydrates alongside protein for optimum results. A recent YouGov survey commissioned by Veetee Dine In revealed that 30 per cent of women would most like to cook steak for a male partner as a Valentine’s Day meal but if they really want to keep the passion alive steak must be served with slow release carbohydrates.

But don’t reach for the chips, use rice for a more healthy energy boost and also save your valuable time in the kitchen, leaving longer for romance.

Veetee Dine In produce deliciously tasty microwaveable rice products, all ready in two minutes and all with fluffy separate grains with a wonderful aroma as good as anything you could cook from scratch.

In fact, it has long been argued that rice contains aphrodisiac properties – basmati rice and wild rice in particular – meaning a combined supper of steak and rice could well be a match made in heaven this Valentine’s Day.

Dietitian Siân Lunt says: “Many people think that packing in the protein will give you the strength to physically keep going longer – in fact the best way to increase and maintain stamina is to combine a great carbohydrate with a protein such as steak.

“If you are fuelling your partner for love the perfect combination is a small portion of delicious rice or pasta combined with a juicy steak because these slow release carbohydrates will help to maintain your energy levels for longer, and give you the boost you need whilst also helping to achieve a healthy and balanced diet.”

The Veetee Dine In survey also revealed that a traditional roast dinner featured high (11 per cent) on Valentine’s Day favourites, followed closely by curry (seven per cent), with salad, and burger and chips being selected by zero per cent of UK women.

If a long night of passion is on the cards, why not try this delicious menu for inspiration: (Quick Beef Stroganoff)

Visit the Veetee Dine In website to discover a tasty range of rice and pasta recipes for every occasion:

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