Missing Suffolk man found

Suffolk Police can confirm that missing 22-year-old man, Tom Armstrong from Kelsale in Suffolk has been found safe and well in Thailand.

Kingsley Armstrong, Tom’s father said: “We found Thomas Armstrong yesterday he is alive and well and with his father (Kingsley Armstrong).

“We will be taking him out of Bangkok for a few days to prepare for the flight home.

“Thanks to all the people who helped both in this England and Thailand, there are too many to mention all, but a heart felt thank you to Darryl Daugherty who first made contact with Tom, Peter Fretton, Thai police liaison and Missing Abroad.

Tom’s mother, Helen Armstrong-Bland added: “We’re in the very early stages and don’t yet know exactly what went on – but he is safe and that’s really good news, it’s all that matters.

“I’m not sure if he is aware of just how much coverage this has had in the media.

“I just want to thank everyone in the Saxmundham community, our close friends and family, and people from all over the world – complete strangers. We wouldn’t have found him without them.”