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More needs to be done to fix Haverhill’s roads

Maureen Byrne
Maureen Byrne

People are being encouraged to report pot-holes and other road maintenance issues with the aid of a new online tool.

Members of the public can visit Suffolk County Council’s website to report problems on the road using the highways reporting tool.

“They’re trying to get more people to use this now that it’s available,” said Councillor Tony Brown. “Pot holes have been an ongoing issue over the last year really.

“The tool is supposed to help things get looked at in a more systematic way and means the council can respond better to problems. People need to flag things up when they see them so that issues can be dealt with.”

Last week the council made temporary repairs to pot holes in Camps Road. The repairs are intended as a stop-gap until proper repairs can be carried out over the Easter holidays.

Cllr Maureen Byrne was sceptical of the online reporting method and said that more should be done to improve the state of the roads all across Haverhill.

“My view is that if Suffolk County Council has a responsibility for our roads to be safe, we shouldn’t have to drive around on the roads looking out and worrying about these things.

“It’s unsafe. They should take some money out of their reserves to fix it. Sometimes, you need to use some of the money to get things done. There are kerbs that are broken and drains collapsing. It’s dangerous. I’ve lost count of the number of pot holes in Mill Hill.

“It’s all very good being able to report it, sometimes they even give you a reference number, but if nothing gets done, what’s the use?

“The problems on Mill Hill should have been sorted out last September, but we’re still waiting.”

Members of the public can visit http://highwaysreporting.suffolk.gov.uk/ to report problems with road surfaces.

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