Morley’s 50-year Haverhill history celebrated

Alex Webb outside Morley's in Queen Street
Alex Webb outside Morley's in Queen Street

The 50 year history of a closing Haverhill town centre shop will be celebrated next week.

Morley’s is due to close at the end of the month, leading to the redundancies of four members of the Jaggs family and the closure of the Queen Street shop that had been a fixture of the town since 1964.

Alex Webb outside Morley's in Queen Street

Alex Webb outside Morley's in Queen Street

Now loyal customer Alex Webb, 47, is inviting others to join him to celebrate the history of the store as a party he will be the disk jockey for next Saturday (March 29), which will feature tunes from throughout the six decades Morley’s has been open.

Those attending ‘Morley’s Last Stand – Beers ‘n’ Tears’ at the Queen’s Head are invited to compete to see who can wear the most Morley’s attire.

“I’ve lived in or around Haverhill all my life so have bought all my clothing, outdoor wear, boots, penknives, and everything from Morley’s,” said Mr Webb, from Hamlet Road.

“A lot of people my age bought their clothing from their – I’m into scootering an they sell a lot of clothing I would wear for that.

“Throughout the time I have been here they have sold quality clothing and there’s very little in Haverhill which sells quality and that’s why a lot of people went there.

“I was really upset to hear of the closure, also because the Jaggs family have become friends as a result of me being a customer.

“There are very few original retailers in the town now – we have Chapman’s, Benny’s BBQ and STP, and people my age like continuity which is something these stores offer.

“I thought we’d have this event to celebrate the shop and thought it would be fun for people to come in all their Morley’s wear.”

David Jaggs, from Ovington Place, manages Morley’s and was born above the store. Wife Tami, son Kieren and father Peter all also work there.

You can join Alex’s group on Facebook or e-mail him at to get involved.

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