MRI scanner arrives at WSH

The first stage of a £2.1m project to further enhance the MRI service available at West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust is now complete after a second state-of-the-art scanner was delivered to the hospital.

The new machine was delivered by crane last week, with work to install it taking place over the summer.

Once it is up and running, the hospital’s existing 10-year-old MRI scanner will temporarily close for refurbishment work, which will both extend its life and improve the quality of the images it produces.

After the work is complete later in the autumn, both machines will run alongside each other, allowing the hospital to scan more patients and carry out additional cancer, stroke and musculoskeletal imaging work.

Claire Moore, MR superintendent at the hospital, said: “This fantastic project will

further improve the service we are able to offer to patients by giving us access to the

very latest technology and high quality imaging.

“Investing in an additional machine will also help us to meet a rising demand for MRI

scans while allowing us to offer a wider range of advanced techniques for imaging

the breast, abdomen and prostate. The design of the scanner means it is more

comfortable for children and claustrophobic patients than earlier models, while the

new technology means scans will also be completed more quickly.

“We look forward to the getting both scanners up and running later this year and

further improving the service which we provide.”