Murder in the spotlight

Haverhill Echo editor Catherine Turnbull can be seen in a television documentary on Friday about a murder in the Orkney Islands.

Catherine is seen interviewed in depth about the killing in 1994, the first murder in the isles for 25 years, and was asked to comment as she was editor of Orkney Today newspaper when the case finally went to court in 2008.

Orcadian Michael Ross was just 15 when a gunmen walked into an Indian restaurant in Kirkwall and shot dead waiter Shamsuddin Mahmood. He was convicted of the murder 14 years later after a career as a sniper with the Black watch regiment where he was decorated for his bravery.

Ross received a minimum 25 year sentence, which took into account an attempted escape from the dock on conviction.

“It was an interesting case, which had a big impact on Orkney people, many of whom believe Ross is innocent,” Catherine said.

“This documentary on Channel 5 at 8pm includes interviews with Ross’ father, family friends and police officers. It’s a fascinating story.”