New dual carriageway could be solution to Haverhill and A1307 transport problems

Tributes left at the site of a fatal accident on the A1307 at the Dean Road crossroads
Tributes left at the site of a fatal accident on the A1307 at the Dean Road crossroads

A new dual carriageway that could stretch from Haverhill to Fourwentways has been proposed as a solution to the transport problems between the town and Cambridge.

The road has been proposed by Cllr Roger Hickford, who is on both Cambridgeshire County and South Cambs District councils, and organised a steering group consisting of local authorities, MPs, MEPs and relevant organisations.

Cllr Roger Hickford with fellow Linton Parish Cllr Esther Cornell in Linton.

Cllr Roger Hickford with fellow Linton Parish Cllr Esther Cornell in Linton.

At its last meeting last Friday (February 21) he presented the idea, which had already been shared with parish councils along the A1307 and could be funded by a new settlement.

The new road would cost between £30 and £40 million, and would be funded by a new town near the A11.

The start point for the road has not been defined yet, with Horseheath suggested but Haverhill also a possibility.

The A1307 is set to benefit from ‘tens of millions’ worth of road improvements when the Cambridge City Deal is completed, though this focuses more on public transport and as would likely be improving links from Fourwentways into Cambridge.

Cllr Hickford’s proposal, which he hopes will be included in South Cambridgeshire District Council’s Local Plan when it is reviewed in 201”5, would thus provide the links to get to Fourwentways.

West Suffolk MP Matthew Hancock is a supporter of dualling the A1307 up to the A11, although the inability to do that through Linton has led to Cllr Hickford’s proposal.

“When we look at the overall situation there’s no normal, natural solution to the growth of Haverhill and the rat run through the villages that goes not just to Cambridge but to the A11, A14, and the M11,” added Cllr Hickford.

“There’s a lot of talk about a railway line which is not an economically viable solution just so some can get from Haverhill to Cambridge, as only 25 per cent of the traffic on the A1307 is going to Cambridge and the other 75 per cent is going elsewhere.

“This is at a very infant stage but we’re putting it out there and seeing what people think.

“If we have this relief road and the suggested new park and ride and better public transport links at Fourwentways it would be good, and the A1307 wouldn’t need improving then and could go back to being a rural B road almost.”

He suggests a new settlement ‘similar to Cambourne’, which has a population of 7,600, could fund the road.

The steering group will now seek to establish how much traffic travels from east to west in the morning and vice versa to back its case.

“My dream would be a dual carriageway all the way which would certainly help Haverhill and link it with the main infrastructure network.

“The start of the road is open to question – it could be at Horseheath or could be nearer to Haverhill.”

Mr Hancock has organised a public meeting in Haverhill on March 21 at 6pm at the New Croft to hear people’s views on the future of the road.

“Haverhill is a town on the up and the meeting on Friday proved that local people want more infrastructure to support that,” said the skills minister.

“I think a push to get improvements on the A1307 should be a priority for the town.

“I’ve long been a committed supporter of improving the A1307 and the next step will be detailed modelling of traffic to support the case for dualling of the existing road and if necessary, new capacity.”

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