New facilities on the way for Haverhill leisure centre

Haverhill leisure centre
Haverhill leisure centre

Haverhill leisure centre will receive a boost this autumn with a £73,000 investment to expand the centre’s gym and power room.

Charitable leisure trust Abbeycroft, which manages the centres in partnership with St Edmundsbury Borough Council, will reinvest £73,000 at Haverhill.

At Haverhill Leisure Centre Abbeycroft is investing in an extra 42 fitness stations in the Centre’s gym. In addition to this, the combat area which is currently on the third floor will be relocated to the ground floor gym making space to expand the very popular power room.

An Xcube functional training station will also be installed in the gym which focuses on exercises to build a body capable of doing real-life activities in real-life positions, rather than just lifting weights.

The new facilities at Haverhill will be open in the autumn.

Chief Executive of Abbeycroft Leisure Warren Smyth said: “This is the start of a yearly reinvestment programme for Abbeycroft, keeping our facilities up to date and keeping up with fitness trends.

“As a charitable trust we reinvest all profits made back into providing health and fitness for the local community.

“We are seeing a boom in exercise classes in Bury and in our gym and power room in Haverhill and we need to meet that demand.

“This significant investment that we are announcing today will meet that demand and give customers what they need to meet their fitness goals.”

Neil Anthony, Head of Leisure, Culture and Communities for West Suffolk councils said: “I am doubly delighted, first that demand for exercise activity in the borough is growing and also because Abbeycroft Leisure is investing in first rate facilities to meet demand.

“The health benefits of being more active have wide reaching implications for the overall cost of public services and I applaud Abbeycroft’s success, which comes from the great relationship it has with its customers.”