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New water well helps Haverhill gardeners

Harry Brown of AGB Drilling with the pump at Manor Road Allotments ANL-150126-170536001
Harry Brown of AGB Drilling with the pump at Manor Road Allotments ANL-150126-170536001

A new well will help gardeners by bringing a year-round water supply to Manor Road allotments in Haverhill.

The pump, which was installed on January 21, was paid for by Councillor Anne Gower from her locality budget while the bore hole for the well was dug for free by Cllr Tony Brown’s company, AGB Drilling.

Gwen Dalton is the assistant secretary of the allotment.

“I’m sure it’ll be a great success,” she said. “To have water on site will be amazing. It’s not just now, it’s for the future.

“When we’re dead and buried, people in the future will find it a great help. It’s one of the nicest things to happen here in a while.”

Gwen’s husband, Les Dalton, is the steward at the allotment.

“We used water buts before,” he said. “Some of the sheds had buts and we’d gather water that way.

“Some of the allotments didn’t have sheds, though and, if you keep water for a while, it gets contaminated, you need fresh water.

“We did ask the water board if they’d help us with a water supply, but they wanted more than £3,000.

“The cost would have been on-going. With the bore-hole, it’s only the installation that costs money and, after that, the water’s free. It’s better than fetching the water from home in buckets and watering cans.

“It will make it a lot easier to get things done round here.

“I’m glad it got put in before I hang my boots up here. I’ve been at this allotment for nearly 40 years.”

Cllr Gower said: “The allotment is for people from all over town and I’m very happy to contribute if it makes the place easier to maintain.

“I’m keen on allotments. I think they are a brilliant thing. They get people outdoors in the fresh air and keeps people healthy. It makes a lot of sense for them to have water on site. This is locality money in action.”

The pump was installed atop a 17 metre deep bore hole that was dug by Cllr Brown’s drilling company.

“I did it as a community project,” said Cllr Brown. “We dug the well and put in a plastic lining that filters the water that comes into the well.

“The actual pump is one that’s used in Africa. It’s quite a novel thing for me. I’ve been drilling bore holes for 30 years, but this is the first hand pump I’ve put in.

“Before, they were using water buts to keep the place supplied but, obviously, in a sustained dry spell, they run out.

“This gives them an alternative, year-round supply.”

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