NHS want your help to improve Haverhill health directory

Project manager Julie Morgan and Mark Marshall head of corporate development and infrastructure at the newly refurbished Haverhill Health Centre
Project manager Julie Morgan and Mark Marshall head of corporate development and infrastructure at the newly refurbished Haverhill Health Centre

The NHS is seeking your help in improving a directory of health services available in Haverhill.

The 28-page directory was first published last year by the NHS West Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), in partnership with Haverhill Town Council and ONE Haverhill in response to feedback that people did not realise what services were available in the town or how to access them.

Haverhill Health Centre following its refurbishment

Haverhill Health Centre following its refurbishment

It was distributed to public places such as GP practices, pharmacies and libraries, but now a newly revamped guide is set to be delivered to every household in Haverhill this spring.

The health authority is asking you to submit ideas on improvements so that it becomes an even better handy and accessible reference guide to health services.

Jo Finn, patient and public lay member of the CCG, said: “We have had lots of positive feedback about our Haverhill health services directory.

“People have told us how helpful it is to have this information at hand.

“We want to make it even better and create a guide that contains as much useful local health service information as possible.

“That’s why we’ve asked people to let us know if they would like details of other services added or existing information updated.

“Or perhaps people think the layout could be made better or an explanation of services could be clearer.

“We’re learning from this development so that we can start to plan for similar booklets for other localities in west Suffolk.

“All input on making improvements to the directory would be most welcome.”

Outgoing town clerk Will Austin added: “The inclusion of residents’ views in developing the directory is a really welcome step and shows how West Suffolk CCG is working to improve communication between local health services and local people, in a way we haven’t seen previously.

“I hope as many Haverhill residents as possible will give their views on how to make the booklet work for them.”

Sarah Howard, chair of the ONE Haverhill board, said: “This is an improtant guide for Haverhill which tells you what health services are currently available and how to access them.

“We supported the guide from the beginning because it is a valuable resource for the town and we are delighted that every household in Haverhill will receive the second edition.

“This is your chance as residents in Haverhill to have your say on what you want to see in the next edition and submit ideas.

“We hope people will take it.”

People can submit suggestions to getinvolved@westsuffolkccg.nhs.uk or call 01284 774813.

Submissions need to be received by March 31.

The current edition of the directory can be found at www.westsuffolkccg.nhs.uk/your-health/leaflets-and-publications

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