On the Beat with Inspector Peter Ferrie of Haverhill Police

Peter Ferrie
Peter Ferrie

Monthly column from the inspector

Later this month we will be holding the first Haverhill Policing Awards Night.

The 12 monthly awards recognise police officers at Haverhill who have performed to the highest standards during the past year and shown either great bravery or displayed outstanding determination to help the public or bring criminals to justice.

January: Sgt Manel’s team for their highly professional management of a murder scene and suspect in Haverhill, allowing best evidence to be preserved. Their behaviour at the murder scene attracted high praise from the senior investigating officer.

February: S/Sgt David Howse, for his role as SNT licencing link, and the huge amount of work he puts into ensuring Haverhill pubs and clubs understand their licencing conditions, thus reducing work for all Haverhill staff involved in policing the night time economy.

March: PC Rupert Beynon for his bravery and tenacity when arresting a drink driver who had already escaped from one officer. Rupert held on to the suspect until help arrived, despite suffering a broken and dislocated finger in the struggle. This injury is still requiring treatment months later.

April: Pc Cheryl Claydon for her compassion and professionalism whilst dealing with the tragic death of a baby in extremely stressful circumstances.

May: Sgt Manel’s team for their determined and resourceful actions when faced with four offenders making off after a theft from motor vehicle. Three were arrested nearby after foot chases, with another identified nearby and arrested.

June: Pc Will Wright for his initiative and skill when faced with information about drug dealing from a house. He saw the problem from a partnership prospective and his actions allowed not only a successful prosecution for supply offences but also allowed the eviction process to start, thus reducing further impact on the community.

July: Sgt Sarah Bartley and Pc Will Wright for their exemplary handling of an ASB problem in Ickleton Place, where two families were tormenting other residents. The officers worked closely with the local authorities and the local housing provider. Both problem families were served eviction notices immediately.

August: Pc Will Wright for his intensive support to a series of witnesses to the drug related death of a young man. Witnesses were relocated, alarms fitted and the very highest standards of witness care provided, to allow the witnesses to provide best evidence and get the offender charged.

September: Pc Dan Aston for his decisive action whilst off duty at the Corley services on the M6. An elderly lady at the services had stopped breathing and collapsed. Pc Aston began immediate CPR in front of a large crowd that had gathered, and kept the lady alive until the arrival of paramedics, allowing her to be rushed to hospital.

October: Pc Jason Thomas for his determined investigation into an offence of supplying drugs to a prisoner at HMP Highpoint via the post. Pc Thomas carried out intelligence work with both Highpoint Prison and the Met, which enabled him to link the prisoner to the offender.A fingerprint hit provided further evidence and the offender was successfully charged.

We have two further awards to grant before all the winners are presented with certificates on the big night itself. As the Town’s Police Commander I get to hear of many good pieces of work carried out by my officers. It’s lovely for me to be able to reward this good work and provide officers with the recognition that their good work so richly deserves.

Just a quick reminder to everyone that the next SNT Public Priority Setting Meeting is on Monday 10th December at 7pm at The Methodist Church in Camps Road. All residents of Haverhill are invited to attend to help set the priorities for the Haverhill SNT for the next three months.