Police officers hurt in late night bar attack in Haverhill

Two police officers have been injured in an altercation at a Haverhill town centre bar.

One officer suffered a nose injury and the other was punched in the ear during the fracas that broke out at Bar Vu, in Jubilee Walk, at about 1am on Sunday. Neither injury was serious.

One of the bar’s security staff had already been dealing with an incident inside the venue when the police officers arrived.

While dealing with the incident both officers were assaulted, leading to the arrest of a man from Linton.

PC Simon Bourne, from Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) said as part of his new role as the licensing officer for Haverhill he will now be working with Bar Vu to establish why the incident happened.

He is also keen, he pointed out, to look at ways of preventing similar problems arising in the future.

He added: “In my view Bar Vu is the best run bar in town.

“We got on very well with them because they are very pro-police.”