Policing award for Haverhill constables

Pc Alan Janes and Pc Jason Thomas
Pc Alan Janes and Pc Jason Thomas

Two Haverhill policeman have been awarded for their work that led to the capture of a criminal who robbed a man at knife point.

Acting Sgt Jason Thomas and Pc Alan Janes were both given the Haverhill Policing Award for 2013 at the town force’s annual awards night on December 18.

Pc Jason Thomas

Pc Jason Thomas

The response officers got the accolade for their work on the case after the incident on November 6 in which a 19 year old asked a man at Haverhill bus station for a cigarette before brandishing a six inch knife and demanding his phone and money.

He made several attempts to injure the 37 year old man, who escaped after throwing his shopping bag at the teenager.

The robber later headed off towards the High Street and police were able to find where he had gone following CCTV to near his home address.

“The officers did a superb job of gathering all the evidence, speaking to the victim and identifying the man,” said Inspector Peter Ferrie.

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“The award goes to the officers for the work that they have put in as working together they managed to put the case together and have him arrested.

“They were the only two on shift and had put together all the enquiries as a package for the next team which is what was unusual, so they get the award for doing a really good job after a really nasty incident.”

Pc Thomas, 27, has been a police officer for four years and a PCSO for the three years before that, while Pc Janes was only in his eighth week of the role.

Pc Thomas began his shift as acting sergeant with Pc Alan Janes as his student.

They were alerted to a missing man and report of damaged property at the start of the shift.

In the early hours of the morning they received the call from the victim and met with him.

Pc Janes took a witness statement and ensured the victim got home safely.

Pc Thomas picked up CCTV footage of the attack from Bury St Edmunds and combed through it. After a gut feeling he realised the attacker was the reported missing man and suspect of causing the damage to property.

Using CCTV footage they followed the attacker to near his home address. Within 45 minutes of the next shift starting at 6am he was arrested.

“I was quite surprised that we got the award but really pleased,” said Pc Thomas.

“This sort of thing does happen and it’s not always you get to good news, so it did feel like a win.

“The reward felt brilliant as it was a very stressful night and although it may sound like it all went by the book it was a nasty incident and the victim had a lot of luck.”

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