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Debut novel is a dream come true for Kedington writer

A recurring dream helped to inspire a first novel - set in a post-Brexit England - by a writer from Kedington.

Kevin Palmer's debut book (written under the name K.N. Palmer), BRoken EXIT has been published by Grosvenor House Publishing.

The synopsis for the novel says: "In 2023, after Britain has exited the EU, immigration is still above target and the NHS buckles under the enormous demands.

"A new political party surged to power, vowing to tackle these issues.

"The new prime minister, attending the UK City of Culture in Nottingham, is targeted by terrorists. Barnaby Aitken is on the run, rescued by an estranged father, out with his son.

"Hunted across Nottingham, Lee Bevan has to ensure their survival, whilst the security services try to uncover those behind this appalling attack."

The storyline was inspired, he said, by a recurring dream he had four years ago of a dignitary visiting Nottingham - where Kevin once lived for eight years, initially as an applied biology student at Nottingham Trent University - and being under threat and rescued.

Kevin took three years to write the book, saying: "It's been enjoyable.

"People talk about writers' block but I can't say I've really suffered with that. For my first novel, i'm quite pleased with the outcome."

Kevin is married to Zoe and they have three children aged 17, 10 and eight.

He works in global marketing for AstraZeneca pharmaceutical company.

The book is available from https://www.amazon.co.uk/BRoken-EXIT-K-N-Palmer/dp/1786233207/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1537535255&sr=8-1&keywords=broken+exit+book and can be bought as a paperback and kindle version.

It has already received good reviews on Amazon from readers, with one saying: "BRoken EXIT is a thrilling read that keeps you gripped and intrigued form te first page to the last.

"I loved it and BRoken EXIT is a must read in my opinion."

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