Proposal to dual A1307 ‘too specific’ for Vision 2031 inclusion

Tributes left along the A1307
Tributes left along the A1307

Plans to dual the A1307 will not be included in documents detailing how Haverhill should develop, but work will be done to improve the road.

The public inquiry into St Edmundsbury Council’s Vision 2031 documents which detail how Haverhill should develop over the next 20 years, held at Haverhill Leisure Centre last Wednesday (February 5), heard the pros and cons of including the ambition of dualling the road, the aim of Matthew Hancock MP.

Town clerk Will Austin said: “It would be appropriate to include some reference to recognise the very strong feeling of local businesses who are desperate for dualling of the road and supported by their MP.

“Our view is that without addressing the problems the proposed expansion and employment would not be adequately served which comes back to the under provision of infrastructure, both the town and the A1307.”

Inspector Roger Clews said that St Edmundsbury Council and Suffolk County Council have stated they are working with South Cambridgeshire District Council and Cambridgeshire County Council to come up with solutions.

Mr Austin added: “People would be reassured to see dualling included as an option in addition to other measures already included.

A member of the public added: “It wasn’t a problem when Haverhill was a small town with more employment like HMP and Project, but they have gone and have not been adequately replaced.

“It’s so congested and the other day I was going towards Linton and was queueing from the Bartlow cross roads.

“Many people realise it’s highly congested so go through the villages, which become rat runs.”

Chris Rand from the borough council said: “I would be concerned by a specific requirement such as dualling where we don’t have the evidence to support that at this stage and we wouldn’t be able to deliver it anyway.

“The A1307 enables people to go to Cambridge to do their shopping and we want to encourage them to stay in Haverhill as what we don’t want to do is create a dormitory town.”

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