Renowned historian to appear at Haverhill Arts Centre

Historian Dr David Starkey ANL-140625-160233005
Historian Dr David Starkey ANL-140625-160233005

The UK’s leading constitutional historian David Starkey visits the Arts Centre as part of the Haverhill Festival.

David Starkey – The Tudors and Us takes place on Thursday, July 3 at 8pm.

Tickets are £15 and available from and the Box Office on 01440 714140.

Known for his forthright views, David talks about the period he describes as ‘the most glorious soap opera, with the whole future of countries turning on what these huge personalities felt like when they got out of bed in the morning’.

Expect to be stimulated by the hugely successful broadcaster who delights in turning the accepted view of major historical figures on its head.

David Starkey is a respected London School of Economics lecturer, a uniquely abrasive debater on Radio 4’s Moral Maze, a controversial contributor to TV’s Question Time, and is the creator and presenter of many popular historical TV series.

Following the talk he will be signing copies of his books bought at the event.