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Menace of speeding vehicles on a Haverhill street prompts residents to call for action

Residents from a Haverhill street that is used as a ‘race track’ by drivers has asked the town council to help them get speed restrictions put in place.

Five people from Mount Road, a one-way terraced street linking Hamlet Road to Ehringshausen Way, raised their plight at the recent full town council meeting.

One of the residents, Stuart Taylor, said they all want speed bumps and a 20mph restriction put in place to get the problem under control.

Numerous cars have been damaged - in all cases the culprits simply drive off - one resident was injured when a car hit her car as she removed some shopping from it and one drunk driver even flipped their car over after colliding with a Mini parked on the street.

The view from the top of Mount Road, at its junction with Hamlet Road (6993957)
The view from the top of Mount Road, at its junction with Hamlet Road (6993957)

Mr Taylor, 33, said: “I’ve lived here eight-and-a-half-years and it is progressively getting worse.

“They get round the corner at the top (of the road) and they literally just floor it. I think they find it a sport to see how fast they can go before they reach the bottom of the road. It is unsafe.

“What would be nice to see would be a 20mph limit with speed bumps to slow the vehicles down and make it unattractive as a race track. Just make it safer for the residents of the road and the children that live on the road because there is a lot of young families living up here.

“God forbid something might happen to them.

“There is no regard for the speed limit at all. I know houses amplify sound, and that makes it sound faster but I’ve been outside and you can tell when they are going more than 30mph. They can hit 40 or 50mph, it’s mental.”

Not only are speeding vehicles making residents’ lives a misery, but large HGVs and single decker buses are also using the road despite signs clearly stating that a 7.5 tonne weight limit is in place.

Mr Taylor said: “We’ve had power cables taken down at the top of the road before.

“The articulated lorry had hit the supporting cables and they fell down and were live on the road at 7.30am.”

Haverhill town councillor Maureen Byrne, who has a grand-daughter that lives on Mount Road, confirmed that the council will send a letter of support to Suffolk County Council’s highways department to consider a traffic calming programme.

Cllr David Roach, who represents the area, will also take up the neighbourhood concerns.

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