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RESULTS: County council elections

Suffolk County Council elections count at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre on May 5, 2017
Suffolk County Council elections count at Bury St Edmunds Leisure Centre on May 5, 2017

Voters in Suffolk, once again, showed overwhelming support for the Conservatives in last week’s county council elections.

Not only did the party retain control of Suffolk County Council but it gained 11 seats on the previous election held in 2013.

General Election
General Election

UKIP, meanwhile, lost all nine of its seats and Labour and the Liberal Democrats also suffered losses.

The council now consists of 50 Conservatives, nine Labour – down three, five Liberal Democrats – down two, three Greens – up one, two Labour and Co-operative – down one, three Independents, two Conservative and Unionists and a West Suffolk Independent.

“Unlike our opposition, we fought a campaign in every single division and we fought every single division to win,” said current Conservative council leader Colin Noble.

Though some think holding local elections so close to next month’s general election may have influenced how the electorate voted, Cllr Noble said the Conservatives in Suffolk ‘certainly fought these local elections on local issues’.

“We need to get out there again and explain to people the real importance of giving the Prime Minister a strong mandate to go to Brussels to negotiate the best possible deal for this country,” he added.

In St Edmundsbury, Conservative Richard Rout has replaced fellow Tory Sarah Stamp in the Hardwick division and Independent Trevor Beckwith will continue to represent Eastgate and Moreton Hall following his re-election.

Cllr Rout said: “I’m incredibly humbled by the result and a turnout that was one of the highest in the county, it shows just how much our area means to its residents. Sarah Stamp’s previous majority was one of the smallest in Suffolk, it is now one of the largest. This is a reflection of the hard and excellent work Sarah put in over the past four years – she’s certainly left me some huge shoes to fill.

“Beyond this though, I hope the result was a reflection of the positive campaign I fought and the miles I walked, 60 in the last three days alone whilst out meeting local people. It was a campaign about real people and getting real results in our community, regardless of party politics.

“The election was incredibly hard work but the real hard work starts now. The residents of Hardwick deserve the very best town and county we can deliver and I’ll be working tirelessly to ensure they get it.”

Cllr Beckwith said: “I wasn’t very confident once the general election was called, as people then tend to concentrate on national issues, particularly, this year, Brexit.

“I’m very grateful residents in the division voted on local issues and, dare I say, on how they had been represented over my three previous terms as their county councillor.”

Conservative Robert Everitt won the Tower division’s first seat while Independents David Nettleton and Paul Hopfensperger were in a close contest for the second, which the former won by just five votes, forcing a recount.

It was third time lucky for Cllr Everitt, who had stood twice before without success.

He said: “I’m glad I took the decision to only put one Conservative councillor up because if we’d put two up we would have split the Conservative vote, which is what’s happened previously.”

“I’d like to congratulate David for being a second representative on the basis he’s a good local councillor and I know he does a good job for residents, as I hope I will too,” he added.

Cllr Nettleton, who ‘had butterflies and could not stand still’ during the recount, said he had expected the result to be tight and was pleased to have been re-elected.

He said: “I always thought there were going to be the four of us who were quite well known, Mark (Ereira-Guyer), Paul (Hopfensperger), Robert (Everitt) and myself – it was an advantage that the four of us were councillors and had a track record of doing things. From the electorate’s point of view they were trying to pick two out of four so it was always going to be tight, though perhaps not that tight.”

Conservatives were re-elected in the Blackbourn, Clare, Newmarket and Red Lodge, and Thingoe North divisions, with Joanna Spicer, Mary Evans, Robin Millar and Beccy Hopfensperger keeping hold of their respective seats.

The party also retained seats in Mildenhall and Thingoe South after Louis Busuttil won the former, previously held by Cllr James Waters, and Karen Soons the latter, previously held by Cllr Terry Clements.

In Brandon UKIP lost its seat to Victor Lukaniuk, of the West Suffolk Independents.

The Conservatives also retained control of Norfolk County Council with an increased majority. The council now consists of 55 Tories – up 15 from 2013, 17 Labour – up three, 11 Liberal Democrats – up one and an Independent. The Green Party lost all three of its Norfolk seats.

And it was the same story at both Essex and Cambridgeshire County Councils, where the Tories held onto power with an increased majority.

At Essex the Conservatives now have 56 seats with the Liberal Democrats winning seven, six for Labour, two for Canvey Island Independent Party, two Independents, one seat for the Greens and one seat for the Independent Loughton Residents Association.

At Cambridge the Conservatives now have 36, with the Liberal Democrats winning 15, Labour seven, two for the St Neots Independent Group and an Independent. UKIP lost all 12 of its Cambridgeshire seats.

See local results below.



Cyrille Bouché, Labour, 568

Joanna Spicer, Conservative, 2,532 (elected)

Turnout: 39%


Terence Carter, Green, 185

Tony Elliott, Labour, 198

Steve Phillips, Liberal Democrat, 987

Anne Whybrow, Conservative, 1,169 (elected)

Turnout: 32%


Susan Dean, Labour, 242

Stephen Frost, Conservative, 562

Victor Lukaniuk, West Suffolk Independents, 937 (elected)

Reg Silvester, UKIP, 256

Turnout: 30%


Robin Davies, Labour, 355

Mary Evans, Conservative, 2,445 (elected)

Stuart Letten, UKIP, 315

Alex Rolph, Liberal Democrat, 545

Turnout: 42%


Robert Lindsay, Green, 1,630 (elected)

Philip Mutton, Conservative, 1,519

Rickaby Shearly-Sanders, Labour, 106

Leon Stedman, UKIP, 115

Turnout: 48%

Eastgate and Moreton Hall

Trevor Beckwith, Independent, 1050 (elected)

Chris Lale, Liberal Democrat, 255

Peter Thompson, Conservative, 924

Elle Zwandahl, Labour, 308

Turnout: 35%

Gipping Valley

David Bosworth, UKIP, 203

Julie Cuninghame, Labour, 249

John Field, Liberal Democrat, 1,030 (elected)

David Penny, Green, 85

John Whitehead, Conservative, 1,000

Turnout: 34.23%


Nicola Iannelli-Popham, Labour, 463

Helen Korfanty, Liberal Democrat, 470

Sara Rae, Green, 224

Richard Rout, Conservative, 1,645 (elected)

Turnout: 42%


Jessica Fleming, Conservative, 1,810 (elected)

Anthony Scott-Robinson, Labour, 431

Josh Townsley, Liberal Democrat, 258

Rowland Warboys, Green, 459

Turnout: 36%

Haverhill Cangle

Maureen Byrne, Labour, 1,134

Lewis Curtis, Liberal Democrat , 455

Julian Flood, UKIP , 773

Paula Fox, Conservative, 1,481 (elected)

Quillon Fox, Conservative, 1,324 (elected)

Ken Rolph, Liberal Democrat, 376

David Smith, Labour, 845

Turnout: 26%

Haverhill East & Kedington

Oliver Forder, Liberal Democrat, 172

David Roach, Conservative, 922 (elected)

Jason Simpkin, Labour, 464

Ant Williams, UKIP, 366

Turnout: 28%


Richard Kemp, Independent, 1,614 (elected)

Peter Lynham, UKIP, 119

Margaret Maybury, Conservative, 809

John Smith, Green, 131

Paul Watson, Labour, 208

Turnout: 36%


Louis Busuttil, Conservative, 1,405 (elected)

David Chandler, Independent, 423

Kevin Yarrow, Labour, 317

Turnout: 31%

Newmarket and Red Lodge

Andrew Appleby, West Suffolk Independents, 273

Roger Dicker, UKIP, 322

Andrew Gillett, Liberal Democrat, 213

Robin Millar, Conservative, 1,203 (elected)

Joy Uney, Labour, 373

Turnout: 26%

Row Heath

Ralph Brownie,Liberal Democrat, 164

Jack Fawbert, Labour, 313

David Gathercole, Independent, 383

Colin Noble, Conservative, 1,362 (elected)

John Smith, Independent 379

Turnout: 33%

Stowmarket North & Stowupland

John Curle, Liberal Democrat, 181

Gary Green, Conservative, 1,320 (elected)

Susan Hollands, Labour, 376

Keith Welham, Green, 793

Turnout: 26%

Stowmarket South

Nikki Betts, Labour, 307

Max Betts-Davies, Green, 167

Nicholas Gowrley, Conservative, 921 (elected)

Keith Scarff, Liberal Democrat, 789

Stephen Searle, UKIP, 220

Turnout: 31%

Thedwastre North

Ursula Ajimal, Labour, 293

Jon James, Liberal Democrat, 199

Andy Mellen, Green, 678

Jane Storey, Conservative, 1,927 (elected)

Turnout: 37%

Thedwastre South

Philip Cockell, Labour, 274

Gilly Morgan, Conservative, 1,263

Penny Otton, Liberal Democrat, 1,346 (elected)

Turnout: 39%

Thingoe North

Beccy Hopfensperger, Conservative, 1,989 (elected)

Frederick Rowell, Labour and Co-operative, 439

Peter Turner, Liberal Democrat, 302

Turnout: 38%

Thingoe South

Hilary Appleton, Labour, 409

Dawn Dicker, UKIP, 145

Zigurds Kronbergs, Liberal Democrat, 436

Karen Soons, Conservative, 2,110 (elected)

Turnout: 43%


Matthew Hicks, Conservative, 2,066 (elected)

David Payne, Liberal Democrat, 455

Stan Robinson, Labour, 431

Turnout: 38%


Quentin Cornish, Labour, 998

Mark Ereira, Green, 1,406

Robert Everitt, Conservative, 1,833 (elected)

Alex Griffin, Labour, 907

Paul Hopfensperger, Independent, 1,623

Julia Lale, Liberal Democrat, 509

David Nettleton, Independent, 1,628 (elected)

Sheena Rawlings, Liberal Democrat, 1,073

Turnout: 33%

Upper Gipping

Glen Horn, Conservative, 1,135

Andrew Stringer, Green, 1,645 (elected)

Mark Valladares, Liberal Democrat, 122

Terry Wilson, Labour, 166

Turnout: 39%



John Crofts, Liberal Democrats, 273

Martin Storey, Conservative, 2009 (elected)

Peter Wortley, Labour, 659

Turnout: 30%

The Brecks

Brenda Canham, Labour, 355

Fabian Eagle, Conservative, 2131 (elected)

James Minto, Liberal Democrat, 225

Sandra Walmsley, Green, 250

Turnout: 33%

Thetford East

Roy Brame, Conservative, 982 (elected)

Mike Brindle, Labour, 725

Denis Crawford, UKIP, 334

Turnout: 27%

Thetford West

Jane James, Conservative, 853

Terry Jermy, Labour, 1,323 (elected)

John Newton, UKIP, 392

Turnout: 27%



Steve Bolter, Liberal Democrat, 541

Bill Edwards, Labour, 592

David Finch, Conservative, 3222 (elected)

David Holmes, Green, 242

David Huxler, UKIP, 371

Turnout: 34%


Paul Allington, Green, 304

Lorna Howe, UKIP, 325

Peter Simmons, Labour, 405

Simon Walsh, Conservative, 2710 (elected)

Antoinette Wattebot, Liberal Democrat, 954

Turnout: 34%



John Bald, Conservative, 1,579

Henry Batchelor, Liberal Democrat, 1,957 (elected)

Paul Richardson, Green, 293

Ernie Turkington, Labour, 282


Matthew Barton, Green, 148

Peter McDonald, Liberal Democrat, 1,248

Jackie Scott, Labour, 286

Peter Topping, Conservative, 2,066 (elected)

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