Retail ‘voice’ added to Haverhill Chamber of Commerce committee

Eileen Simeonidis, Paul Donno and Vicky Sackett ANL-140325-114449001
Eileen Simeonidis, Paul Donno and Vicky Sackett ANL-140325-114449001

Two new appointments have been made on the Haverhill Chamber of Commerce committee, with one specifically charged with becoming ‘the voice’ of the town’s retailers.

The changes have also seen Kate Anstee step down as the Chamber’s administrator after a number of years, although she has remained a member.

Eileen Simeonidis has taken her place, while Vicky Sackett is now the committee member in charge or retail.

Chamber chairman Paul Donno thanked Kate for her contribution, saying: “We would really like to thank her for the years she has done. It was way beyond what she has asked to do.”

Vicky’s specific remit ties in to the Chamber’s manifesto commitment to addressing the town’s retail offer.

She said: “I believe in our High Street and I think there are too many people giving it bad press and we need to change that attitude.

“We are trading as one voice, a united business voice in the town and we will cover items such as pedestrianisation and car parks and rates and other issues that face our retailers in trying to attract more people to use our town centre.”

Mrs Simeonidis said she is ‘fired up’ about her role, adding: “I’m very passionate about Haverhill and this is perfect for me

“The admin role is being here at the meetings, promoting the networking and listening to members and the committee at all times.”