Rise in Haverhill burglaries leads to renewed police advice

Police officers in Haverhill have been out and about offering home security advice after a recent rise in burglaries.

An increase before and since Christmas in burglaries, in particular sheds, have resulted in Haverhill Safer Neighbourhood Team officers, Pc Simon Bourne and Sgt Sarah Bartley going out and about in the community to advise residents on their home security.

PC Bourne said: “We’ve got a big thing at the moment about people securing their premises and outbuildings. Some people insist on leaving their back doors unlocked and that’s what burglars are looking for.

“They are opportunistic and we are saying to people ‘make sure your front doors are locked and your back doors are locked and if you see anything out of the ordinary just call us’.” PC Bourne also urged people to make sure their windows are also shut, and added that he has changed his shifts so he can patrol more often in the dead of night, when burglars tend to operate more.