Road markings could cut inconsiderate resident parking near West Suffolk Hospital

Barons Road, one of the streets near West Suffolk Hospital affected by inconsiderate parking
Barons Road, one of the streets near West Suffolk Hospital affected by inconsiderate parking

The results of the consultation on the proposal to restrict parking on the streets around West Suffolk Hospital have been revealed.

Last September Suffolk County Council consulted with over 800 households in the area on a proposal to implement a two hour long parking restriction in the middle of the day to eliminate problems associated with commuter parking whilst still allowing some parking by visitors/out patients to the hospital.

In addition to a letter and questionnaire outlining the proposal, a drop in session was held where the local community could discuss this proposal with officers and local borough and county councillors.

The response rate to the questionnaire was high with over 50 per cent of households replying, but opinion was very divided and there was not enough local support to implement the two hour restriction.

A clear pattern to emerge through the consultation process was that the main cause of concern was inconsiderate parking; with people parking either too close or across drives; at junctions; parking on both sides of the road inhibiting access for buses or blocking of turning heads.

As a solution to the issue of non-residents parking near/across driveways, the county council is offering, free of charge, all affected residents the opportunity to have a ‘H’ bracket painted across their drive if there is no existing parking restriction outside their home.

The ‘H’ bracket is a recognised road marking and indicates an area to be kept clear of stationary vehicles.

For other locations where there is a consistent problem with parking causing access and road safety problems, measures will be taken to tackle these through localised restrictions on parking.

Barons Road, Hardwick Park Gardens and Home Farm Lane are locations identified as suitable for double yellow lines single yellow lines are under consideration for Laundry Lane, Lincoln Green, Salisbury Green and Rembrandt Way.

A letter detailing the outcomes of the consultation and full details of parking restrictions has been sent to local residents.

If residents would like an ‘H’ bracket across their driveway, they are encouraged to complete and return the request form sent with the outcomes via post or by email contacting

Councillor Graham Newman, Suffolk County Council’s cabinet member for roads and transport, said: “The response rate to this consultation was very good and showed the level of concern the parking generates.

“The views expressed were very mixed and confirmed that there is no simple solution to the problems caused by parking associated with the hospital that would suit every road in the area.

“The responses were analysed carefully and the outcome discussed.”

“We hope that these initiatives will tackle many of the problems experienced by residents from parking related to West Suffolk Hospital.”