Running the risk of cyber attack

Latest education news from the Haverhill Echo,, @haverhill on Twitter
Latest education news from the Haverhill Echo,, @haverhill on Twitter

Young people who choose to text and share highly personal and/or explicit content with each other across mobile devices are leaving themselves vulnerable and open to harmful online content and online aggression, including potential cyberbullying.

This is one of the significant findings taken from the annual Suffolk Cyber Survey 2014.

It found 2988 children and young people aged from 10 years old and upwards took part in the survey conducted by e-Safer Suffolk to monitor trends in their online activity.

Councillor Gordon Jones, cabinet member for Children’s Services and Chairman of the e-Safer Suffolk Partnership said: “It is worrying to think of our children becoming potential targets for online bullies.

“But that is exactly what is happening as a result of young people sharing sensitive imagery and information across the internet and mobile networks.

“The results of this year’s survey demonstrates an increase in the number of young people using mobile device technology.

“We all need to take additional care in what we share with friends, partners and family members as we come to rely more and more on such technology.”