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Skate park hit by vandals

Police believe a vandal is deliberately targeting a Haverhill skate park in order to discredit its users.

Inspector Peter Ferrie, the local policing commander for Haverhill, said someone had targeted the skate park in Howe Road deliberately, possibly to discredit the skaters who use it.

“Someone had left a nasty mess, there were broken glass bottles,” said Insp Ferrie. “We think the glass bottles had come from the bottle bank and somebody had smashed them all up there to stop the kids using the park.

“Obviously, it’s someone who doesn’t like them being there and using the skate park.”

Jack Gray, 16, is a regular user of the skate park and said: “Every time me and my mates go there we either find glass or bonfires in the skatepark.

“We’ve asked for things like flood lights and for it to be monitored before but nothing has ever changed.

“To be honest skating is all I do in my spare time and it stops all of us using the skatepark properly, people go down there to just hang around late at night to drink and smoke.

“I know this because when we are there quite late we witness this happening all the time and it just makes us look associated with those types of people when really we are all keeping out of trouble and just doing what we like to do in our spare time.”

My Gray said that he, along with friends, often had to sweep up broken glass before they could skate.

Insp Ferrie appealed for anyone who witnesses and vandalism taking place to call the police on 101. He also acknowledged that everyone had to do their bit to keep the area tidy.

“It’s a brilliant resource,” he said. “But it has to be used properly.

“People have to keep it as tidy as possible.”

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