South Cambs deliver around 600 sandbags to villages including Linton and Hildersham

Around 600 sandbags were delivered to homes across South Cambridgeshire
Around 600 sandbags were delivered to homes across South Cambridgeshire

Around 600 sandbags were delivered to homes across South Cambridgeshire including in Linton and Hildersham to help protect properties from flooding.

Councillors have praised staff for swift action to help communities who were at imminent risk of flooding, and are now reminding home owners to think about putting plans in place to protect their own homes in the future.

Cllr Mick Martin

Cllr Mick Martin

Over the space of a few days, South Cambridgeshire District Council (SCDC) received around 100 calls from residents concerned about flooding and is now urging people to protect their own properties so support can be prioritised to the most vulnerable people.

Councillors are particularly reminding residents who have experienced flooding problems in the past that having sand bags and other flood protection equipment on hand is a good idea.

When flooding begin to become a problem the Council always sees a spike in calls and resources are stretched.

During the worst of the flooding in the area, a local councillor for Great Shelford, Cllr David Whiteman-Downes, took to Twitter to thank SCDC staff for support in protecting homes in Abberley Woods from flood water after a pump broke.

Villages in the district, including Linton, Hildersham, Shelford, Oakington, Bourn and Guilden Morden, needed sandbags to be delivered.

Cllr Mick Martin, SCDC cabinet member for environmental services, said: “Any home flooding is an absolute tragedy and, although we have not been hit anywhere near as hard as some parts of the country, this is a timely reminder for people to think about how they can protect their own homes in the future.

“I have nothing but praise for our staff who have worked tirelessly to help residents when they most needed it.

“It has been a really successful team effort.

“During flooding resources become very stretched and by taking action now you can be ready if your property is at risk in the future.”

Local businesses should have their own flood plans in place.

For further information on flooding, sandbags and where you can purchase your own flood protection visit

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